Chickenless Fajitas

Sorry for being so late at posting this recipe. I’m not even going to begin with my entire life story and why I have been missing I action, I’ll save that for another day. Today I am going to review the Morningstar Farms Chik’n Strips and share a recipe with you guys. If you haveContinue reading “Chickenless Fajitas”

Creamy Spinach and Chicken Pasta

I’ve been getting lots of questions about the creamy spinach and chicken pasta I posted on my Facebook story. Here you go: Ingredients:Rotini pastarotel tomatoesspinachgrilled chickenheavy creamparmesan cheese Directions:1. Boil rotini noodles (add salt) until tender 2. I grilled chicken breast (season to your liking) in the George Forman grill and then sliced them andContinue reading “Creamy Spinach and Chicken Pasta”

Fitness Journey

If you have been following me since the beginning, then you know I’m always adding my fitness journey because it’s always changing. I was doing really good before the pandemic but I’ve been home, bored, and I’ve gotten lazy. This week I decided to start back working out. I also count my calories. I realizedContinue reading “Fitness Journey”