Here I Am

This is probably the most transparent I’ve ever been and I’ll ever be but here we go.

I believe in calling myself out from time to time and now it is time for that, yet again. I am always extending myself and giving my best effort when it comes to everyone else but when it comes to myself, I slack badly.

I feel like I’m so behind in life. I know it is on our own time but it is hard not to think otherwise. I procrastinate badly and I am so ready for things to change.

I know it starts with me and I am working on it. I have been in college since 2014, because I love putting things off and taking breaks when things get tough instead of pushing through. I also love blogging and things should be differently by now but that procrastination gets the best of me and I’ll take a break in a min. I promise to put my best foot forward, from this day forward.

It is hard when you have little to no support. I am so thankful for my husband because that is all the motivation I have, when I lack he’s been picking up my slack and pushing me. I just knew I had to put myself on blast in order for me to make a change.

So here I am, from this moment forward I will do my best in everything I do.

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