Becoming Pescatarian

Hey guys!

I decided to become a pescatarian a while ago. I’ve done it before but grew tired of it. I knew I had to find some good meat alternatives in order to keep it up.

A week ago, I was talking to my friend and she told me she had been eating Morningstar Farms meals. They are plant based meals and I knew that this would be perfect for this time.

I’m what you call a lazy pescatarian lol! I love cooking but too lazy to look up plant based meals so this is why finding these meals were perfect for me.

Not vegan, YET! Just manifesting

Morningstar Farms meals aren’t vegan, it’s vegetarian actually. They do contain some dairy in them, but they were perfect for me right now.

The buffalo chik’n patties and veggie burgers are my favorite. Honestly, they taste pretty darn good to say it’s not real meat, solely plant based.I’ll be sharing the way I cook them in another post.

I’ve been doing this for a week and I feel so much better. I have a great bowel movement (sorry tmi), I’m more energized, and my mental health is better than it was a week ago. Crazy but I saw a difference in myself within a few days.

I’m getting ready to make some fajitas tomorrow and some spaghetti one day this weekend so I’ll definitely share the recipe with you guys and let you know how it tastes.

I’m super excited about this.

Disclaimer: This is just the beginning and motivation for those that want to become vegetarians or pescatarians but don’t know where to start.

Please chime in and anyone that’s an experienced vegan or vegetarian, please give your thoughts. School us..

Until next time, love you guys 💜

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