Birth Story- Dylah

During this pregnancy, I was in the hospital just about every week from 32 weeks until I delivered at 38 weeks. Pregnancy was a breeze up until the end. I kept going into preterm labor. At exactly 38 weeks, on January 2nd at 10:00pm, I went to the bathroom every 5 mins for about 2 hours. I didn’t think anything of it.

The next morning I woke up at 4 and lost my mucous plug. I started having contractions like crazy. They were close and pretty intense but I have a high tolerance for pain so I just breathed through them. Around 11, I called my doctor because I was leaking, she told me to go get checked immediately.

I arrived at the hospital around 12:30, they did not believe I was in labor because of how calm I was. They ran test and left. I stayed contracting but the nurse said it wasn’t enough to admit me since I did not seem like I was in labor.

The results came back at 2:30 and she told me they were admitting me because my water did indeed break.

I made to my room and got settled exactly at 3:30. I called my family and my mom rushed from work to get my daughter. I joked around with my husband for a while before begging for an epidural. I got my epidural at 4:30. I squirmed through because I had the urge to push.

It took them 30 mins to do my epidural. I remember texting my sister in law at 5:00 saying I was in pain and at 5:35 I texted her and said she’s here. My epidural didn’t even work because it happened so fast.

This was the best delivery. It was just my husband and I, 2 nurses, and the doctor. They were so helpful and luckily I had the same nurse from when I delivered my first child. She remembered me and we even took pictures together.

Although it seemed like such a nice delivery, this pregnancy traumatized me and I definitely don’t want to be pregnant again lol.

Dylah at birth
Dylah Now

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