Fast Food Hates Your Wallet

Let me be the one to tell you that fast food hates your wallet! I have to tell myself this from time to time so that I can save more money. Before the pandemic, we ate out mostly every day. Sad to say but it was just easier but I realized we were spending an extra 400 dollars a month on fast food. YES! An extra four hundred dollars.

I sat my husband down and said, “babe, we’re trying to save but we’re spending so much money on fast food, it is hating our wallet.” He agreed and we immediately sat down and came up with a game plan.

We’ve been trying to eat healthier so we added lots of fruits and vegetables to our grocery list. We also added lean meats, we drink plenty of water from our refrigerator, so I decided that if we wanted flavor drink then I would just make homemade lemonade.

This was super hard to do at first. We both have super busy schedules and we had to implement cooking. I started meal prepping on Sundays. It takes a lot of time but it saves us a lot of time and money throughout the week.

We’ve cut our spending nearly in have and the extra money just gets toss in our savings account. Remember fast food hates your wallet! Do what you need to do to save the extra money if you can.

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