My Morning Routine

It’s a very crazy time right now. I find myself extremely busy so I had to set out a daily routine that I’ve stuck to since the pandemic.

4:00am-get husband up for work and send him out

8:00am- pray, journal, work out, shower. I start my mornings with prayer. I then write down my prayer, meditate on the word, listen to motivational lectures, write down positive affirmations and my plans and goals for the day, and then go work out.

8:45- shower (skin care routine)

9:00- fix my smoothies and prepare my kids breakfast 

9:30- get my kids up and get them ready for the day 

10:15- check my emails & start working on content for each of my blogs

This is what my mornings look like. School starts back for me at the end of the month so I’m sure this will change.

What is your morning routine? Comment below and share with me.

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